We offer a few options on Hair Extensions that range from temporary to long term. Hair Extensions also range in pricing to fit your budget.   A consultation is required for exact pricing quote as well as a match to your existing color.

Temporary Option: Custom Clip in Extensions

We are proud to feature our own brand of Clip in Extensions, Hair Extension Junkie. They are luxury quality, double wefted and can be custom colored to match your hair or give you a quick addition of color or even ombre! Clip in extensions are 100% human hair. .  Clip ins are reusable for future use
Pricing can vary depending on the length. $150-$250 includes cost of hair and application.

Sticker Hair. The latest craze to give you instant long hair for less money and less time required in the salon.  Lasts up to 2 months.  100% Human hair and is reusable hair. Does require removal and retaping.  Pricing varies by length $500-$800

Keratin Bonded Extensions with 100% Human hair is priced upon consultation. These offer the most natural extensions to the hair and last up to 6 months. At the consultation we will determine how many bonds are needed. You can use these to fill in length or thickness throughout the entire head or just in particular places. Pricing is based on how much hair you have and how many bonds are needed. Exact pricing is only given at the consult. (Pricing includes cost of hair and the application which takes 5-7 hrs)

*Full Head Application requires a consultation for exact pricing*

Anticipate a full head application $1000-$1300

Just want to add thickness? That is an option too! Consultation required

Individual pieces $10 per bond up to 10 pieces. More than 10 pieces $9 per bond