Extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes. They are applied on a hair-by-hair basis to your own lashes for a totally natural look.

A Full set takes about an hour and a half to 2 hrs for application and lasts 3-4 weeks. (The natural life cycle of an individual lash) To maintain your lashes a fill would be required every 4 weeks. A Half set is based on how many you lose until your next visit.

Mascara May shorten the lifespan of the lash. Waterproof mascara should not be used at all on them. Also, any creams, eye makeup removers, lotions, or cleansers containing glycols or carbonates can loosen the bond of the extension.

For more info about the lash extension product we use you can also refer to the companies website


Full Set $175

2 weeks $55

3 weeks $65

4 weeks $75




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