Photo Shoot for The Knot Magazine Submission

I'm still on a creative high from the photo shoot we recently worked on this past weekend. I was contacted by The Knot to submit photos for possible publishing so I assembled my team and got to brainstorming. I always like to pull inspirational photos first so I have an idea of what direction I want to go in when I am creating. That inspiration can be anything from a landscape, a dress, or hair and make up.  I reached out to Ms. Sassy Mouth herself to photograph my vision. She is all about Glam and Beauty Shots so I knew she would capture it all perfect. As luck would have it she has photographed for the beautiful Hillstead Museum in Farmington so she knew right away the perfect location.   Next call was to my dear friend Karen, owner of Stars of Avon. They are my go to dress shop for anything amazing and gorgeous and they did it once again for me by having the best dress options for this shoot.  Imagine my excitement every time I get to enter in their dress shop and have free reign of what to choose! I'm so grateful for Karen. She saved me years ago when I first started doing shows. Another dress shop backed out the week of my show and I scrambled to find someone else to dress the models. It was one of those meant to be moments because 6 years later, Stars as been the exclusive dress shop for every formal occasion, shoot, or show I have been involved in. My clients have all loved them too!!  

MODEL CALL!!!   I knew this shoot was going to be one of my best so I wanted to take full advantage by having at least 4 models. Each one represented a different type of Bride: Modern, Vintage, Classic, and Avant Garde.

To accent the ladies and their dresses, Perfect Princess Events provided stunning bouquets. 

The plans were set and Sunday Funday began at the salon! I love to work with my team on projects because the creativity and inspiration in the room is on an all time high. Music is up and off we go!! 

Once the girls were complete, we headed on over to meet with Marissa from Sassy Mouth and magic happened as soon as we got started.  This was one of the most inspiring shoots and I am so thankful for everyone involved!! Kudos team...another on in the books :)  

Here are a few creative shots I took while we waited for each model to take their turn.