We offer two types of Smoothing/De-frizzing treatments; Thermafuse f450 and Rusk Shiny Straight.

Thermafuse f450 is a demi permanent anti-frizz smoothing system making your hair humidity resistant. Although it does not remove 100% of your curl it will de-frizz and cut your blow dry time in half.

Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment is independently lab-tested to be formaldehyde-free, providing a safe working environment in the salon and a pleasant service experience for the client. Penetrating amino acid technology is bio-compatible with hair fiber, producing stronger reformation, volume reduction up to 100% and curl reduction up to 80%. This Keratin-free formula requires no downtime so clients can shampoo, sweat or swim immediately after treatment.


Rusk Shiny Straight is an anti-curl permanent treatment that does remove up to 80% off the curl but will need to be retouched as the hair grows out.

A formaldehyde-free, safe, permanent straightener that infuses the hair with unsurpassed shine and eliminates frizz. Formulated with keratin, it deeply conditions and strengthens the hair, imparting a perfectly straight, smooth and shiny texture.